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Welcome Office

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Welcome Around ITER

Le WOIC: Welcome Office for International Companies
Comité industriel ITER (C2I)

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Living in the Heart of Provence

The intercultural dimensions of the welcome office

We welcome the world in our offices and our mission is to make the world feel at home at ITER.

We know how challenging expatriation can be. Adapting to a new life style requires knowing the basics of the language and understanding where we all come from.

Whatever your country of origin, your background and expatriate experience, the Welcome Office knows how to meet your needs by offering you a wide range of regular intercultural activities and programs: welcome seminars, discovery days, international seminars...

Welcome seminars

The Welcome Office with IO Human Resources organises Welcome Seminars for newcomers to provide useful information on topics such as health, security, insurance, administrative formalities, cultural programs etc.

Discovery days

lavandeThese visits to the landmarks of the Provençal region are designed to give spouses an introduction to French language and culture

Language Outings

Visits to museums and markets, cooking classes, visits to typical local producers of regional specialities (l’Occitane, vineyards, Chocolats de Puyricard)

Seminars on understanding our different cultures

Dedicated workshops organized on site

International seminars and social events

calenqueInternational seminars, conferences and social events are regularly organised either within the region for spouses or on-site for ITER staff. A schedule of activities will be given to you at the Welcome Seminar.

Indian breakfast, February 2010

Comparative culture workshop : Working with the Americans

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