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Welcome Office

Itinéraire barrage

Welcome Around ITER

Le WOIC: Welcome Office for International Companies
Comité industriel ITER (C2I)

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Administrative formalities

The Welcome Office is the interface with the French authorities for all the administrative procedures: visa, driver’s licences, residence permits, customs duties…
Specific procedures have been set up with the French administration such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Customs, the local administration, in order to help the ITER staff and their families.

Before leaving your country

Security procedure for the access on the Cadarache site

The Welcome Office will contact you by email in order to start the security process. Please be aware that it takes 6 weeks on average to get a security clearance.
This clearance is mandatory for the:

Obtaining visas

➢ Non EU members: Obtaining long term visas to come to France
The Welcome Office is your interface for the long term visas procedure to come to France. The whole procedure can takes 3 months on average.
Please be aware that the validity of this visa will only be of 3 months but once arrived in France, through this visa, you will benefit from a special residence permit.
We strongly recommend you that you visit the website of the French Consulates in order to get useful information:

➢ EU members: free entrance to France.
Once you arrive in France, the formalities to obtain a special residence permit will start.

The special residence permit

As an ITER member (EU and non EU citizens), you and your family are entitled to have a special residence permit.



IO staff are entitled to import their furniture and personal effects tax and duty-free when moving to France for the first time.
The Welcome Office is the unique interface for this specific procedure.


If you have pets, we recommend that you provide anti-rabies immunization cards

Useful documents for the French daily life

We strongly recommend that you prepare the following documents prior to your arrival which could be useful for your daily life in France:

The Welcome Office will answer all your questions and will help you with these formalities on a case by case basis.

Contact person:

Audrey DUVAL: +33 4 42 25 33 73 (

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